Blue gun with orange ribbon

Is that gun for sale? What is it’s name?

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Yes, It’s called photon swarm.

Thanks for that.

You’re welcome

only one to aim at an enemy.
turns orange at max level.
trash in egg canon confraction. :frowning_face:

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but it can also shoot orange bullets at any fp above 5.


and sometimes when 4 to 10 it make some orange ribbons with the blue one

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honestly, it’s from 6 to 10

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I can defeat it multiple times in SSH. Just don’t place yourself too far away lol.

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i dont think so, even when you are far, you can still target egg cannon

with 15 fps yes

One time, you suggested the game to have 200 max fps though.

No, I didn’t suggest it. My game glitched out the border and get 200 fps
I just asked h o w

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