Blocked contacts idea

I have met alot of players in multiplayer games that i kinda wish i dont play again with.
i would like a block player button so that they cant join my missions and cant send a friend request.
and i cant see the game he hosted in multiplayer games list.
and if i join a game that has that player i dont want to see what messages he sends in game.
Hope this will be added


Nice idea, although this was already suggested by me and @AhmedDM .

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Oh… didnt know sorry =|
Ignore this post then. my bad again
should i delete the post?

nah just leave it as it is


It’s all good. And you don’t have to delete this post, it’s a good idea and I’m glad that you share your thoughts with the community, Bogjin!

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It wasn’t suggested by AhmedDM only. Many others suggested it before, including me.


Is that so? I’m kind of surprised now.

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