Black Hole Boss Idea

Hi. I have an idea for a new boss. A “Black Hole Boss!” that moves left and right like Hanley’s Comet, but also stays at the top of the screen like Revenge of the Egg Yolk! This boss’s attacks are by throwing black holes of smaller sizes. When you touch these small black holes, they may (1) teleport you to come out of another thrown hole, (2) die, and (3) bring 3-4 chickens with them. (I haven’t decided on this part yet, I wanted to write down what’s on my mind and get your opinions) And the difficulty level can be determined according to these three attack formations. What do you think such a boss would be like?


how do you destroy a thing that sucks up everything

by forfeiting

How about adding a space dragon at the big hole and blowing fire and sucking up chickens and the player at the same time?

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Nice idea ! but also send image of boss.



that’s a nice idea!

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Reasonable comment. Of course, the idea can be improved.

This dragon reminds me of a character from CatGhost.

Ah, I love it.

The ones in this photo are alternative designs. Can be used and upgraded on the boss or as a chicken invasion wave. That’s all I can prepare for now.

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