Big Milestone Reward and Event Idea

I think IA should add some milestone rewards
here are some of my ideas:

  1. I think IA need a milestone about reaching tier 99, the player should get a reward with about 300 keys
  2. Top player of the month-year. They should get a reward of 700 keys+
  3. The most amount of food in . Reward with 100 keys
  4. The Most amount of keys spent in . Reward with 250 keys
    And this is my event idea
  5. Monthly challenge. A 160 round challenge that is 55%-100% rather than 0%-100% like a weekly challenge
  6. Haloween/Easter and other various event challenges. Give round that is with the theme of that event
  7. Space marathon. A challenge that is 100 rounds long and you have to complete ( win ) AFAP ( As fast as possible )
  8. Boss Rush Race. A boss rush race is a challenge that you have to fight boss AFAP
    That is the idea I’ve been thinking about for 2 weeks. Hope you guys like it
    And you can say about your idea too!
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you get keys for tier up already

but reaching tier 99 is the max tier so I want a milestone reward for it :DDD

you already get a medal just for that

a what?

ExCuSe Me???

A medal award for reaching tier 99

yeah I know that we do get a medal but keys are what we use to live in CIU so rewarding is like congrats for reaching tier 99 :upside_down_face:

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