Big event

We all know that Daily Missions, Space Race, Weekly challenge and Weapon training are the way to compete with each other. But we could be more competitive than that. So what about big events that occur once every 2-3 months ( like Battle Pass from FPS games but for CIU )? A big event that everyone will join in and compete to get highest ranks. You can fly solo or with a friend ( that gives Squadrons a bigger use than now ). It would be a great idea and the game will be more competitive and more fun.


It will be more fun , but that take huge effort from IA , And multi-player doesn’t exist yet , I don’t think he will Accept ¯_(ツ)_/¯

So you think he will accept it :thinking:

Coming Soon:tm:

Nice joke :confused:

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You mean ™?

But I’m not joking, you said “don’t” and “won’t” at the same sentence.


I’m sure he meant this, since he just wanted to write it.

Oof , I didn’t realize that , sorry

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