Better Game Map

I think the game map looks a little bit… weird
let’s change it to be more like in CI4.
Galaxies and stuff. BUT BIGGER.

We will not look at random dots. and just go with the flow.
Going out of galaxy will require special fuel or something
or some spaceship upgrade.
in between galaxies will be special hard levels with freaky black holes,
new weird weapons, and deadly chicken like aliens.

this might be too much but it’s just an idea for a map design
cause what we have now is lookin prety bad.

I like the visual of the CI4 galaxies too, but they’d look a bit messy if they were randomly generated. Perhaps if CIU had been created with an aesthetically-pleasing map as part of the original plan, but it’s a bit too late for that.


I mean, I see where you’re coming from, the current galactic map looks nothing like a real galaxy, it’s more like a pretty small part of a galactic arm. I would’ve loved to see multiple galaxies on the map, and each galaxy had its own special characteristics, exclusive items, etc.

This seems rather cheesy however. Random aliens should look unique, instead of resembling chickens.

I can’t confirm things, but iA has most likely settled for the current galactic map design whether we like it or not.

Perhaps if there was a sequel to CIU, as in CIU2 instead of CI6 or CI7, we might get multiple galaxies…

Jimmy Neutron disagrees.

Actually, Jimmy Neutron has a creepy amount of things in common with CI, when you think about it… no? No?


You know canonically the GrubHub ads take place in the same universe as Jimmy Neutron. Not confirmed yet, but there’s a lot of supporting evidence.

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GrubHub Invaders

Game Theory should do a theory on CI physics or something

Please he’s just going to say the Hero is Sans in a Freddy Fazbear suit

Physics, you brickhead, not lore. He’s actually done some pretty good videos on physics.

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Yolkians :thinking:

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