Better Attack Animations

Yes, animating… It’s really tiring to draw millions of frames and fit them in a few seconds. However, if you have a lot of fans and especially if you have choosen a demanding job like game development, it shouldn’t be too hard for you.

You’ve been doing this for about 25 years already, right? Anyway, let’s finish the introductory sentences here and get to the topic. For example, if the chicken in the “Special Forces” wave, to throw bombs and knives, first grabs them from her belt and throws them by aiming at the player… Or “It’s Party Time!” I think it would be better if the chicken in this wave had realistically thrown a few party stuff or vomited instead of p**ping around.

Examples can be multiplied, something limited by our imagination. I hope you realize this idea and add it to your game. Thanks for reading!




I wrote “instead of p**ping around” because creating a realistic animation for it would be a bit inappropriate I guess. :eyes:

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That’s for Chicken Invaders, but it’s about 30.

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yh nd u need sum to create that looks cute,like how spongebob looks cute in the cartoon world but he would look different irl

leaked frame of Party Chicken p**p animation

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