Best ship in the game?

what is the best ship in the game?


H&C 201, the best and most worthwhile upgrade

maybe one of the muellers or bombers


Muller 404


I’d say Müller 404 and BX-9.


Müller M404 PI, which has a small hit box than M408 and 4 satellite docks.BX-9, has more fire power


I’d say there’s a best in each class:

H&C 101 Hatchling: Biggest key bonus.

BX-9 Mjolnir: Objectively the best bomber.

Müller M408 Cuisiner (Controversial Opinion…): I don’t feel that the 404’s smaller hitbox is significant enough to be important, so I use the cuisiner.

As for which of these is best, that’s a matter of preference. First I would assess whether you do/don’t like to fly with bombers - if you do, BX-9. Otherwise, unless you have enough equipment/satellites to fill all the slots, your starting H&C 101 Hatchling is the best. If you really need the extra satellites then use a Müller.


Müller M404 is pretty useful in tight spots

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Stick with the good ol M404-PI. 4 Satellite Slots, 5 Hardpoint slots and 16 item slots.
And a relatively moderate sized hitbox. (Small enough for you to stand in between Special Force’s Knives)

As for Bombers, I advise taking the BX-7 or BX-8. These ones should be sufficient for your power needs, while not being too slow, and their hitboxes are not too crazy. (still pretty large, but not as large as the BX-9’s)

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But you have to be really,really careful to not explode


just don’t move when he throws the knives
but move for his grenades, please


I tried and then I died

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I recommend you buy an uncommon/rare/legendary ship(if you find one and you have enough keys to buy it). Because in the next update ship hit boxes get smaller depends on the rarity of the ship

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