Berserkers and Assassins

What is the health of berserkers and assassins?

  • 900-950
  • 950-1000
  • 1000-1050
  • 1050-1100
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Honestly they have the same health and red and follows you

If you asked for highest difficult, then it might be more than 1350HP.

There are some weapon that kill them immediately

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The only weapons capable of doing that are:

  • A direct hit from a Bird-Flu gun
  • A direct hit and a medium blast radius of an ICBM
  • A strong beam from the Laser Cannon
  • At least 2 projectiles from a⚡10 Boron Railgun or higher, while on 60% heat buildup or more
  • A direct beam from the Positron Stream at :zap:9 or higher
  • A direct bream from the Plasma Rifle at :zap:6 or higher
  • 2 strong projectiles from the Neutron Gun
  • Frying a berserker or assassin with a Barbecuer flame close to the enemy
  • Hitting the chicken with at least 10 bullets with a single shot of a Riddler
  • Hitting the chicken with at least 3 shots from a Corn Shotgun
    There are more weapons that can kill chickens, but these are just the most general.
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they have 25% more health than a regular chicken (125 at 0%, 1875 at 140%) so what kills them immediately varies a lot depending on difficulty or amount of players in multiplayer. considering single player, you got only one thing that always applies (direct ICBM hit, plasma would only work at :zap: 7+)


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