Beautiful Ban system idea (visual scene)

For example, you were banned by system. After you went trought the wave, the game saves (If you will be un-banned, you will start from this wave) and Cutscene appeared: Police officer conduct you to “The Galactic Prison” or “Auto impound”. There will be a red flying counter near prison/impound which shows you “time left”. Ban counter will be shown in your stats or medals (Medal for ban, ok).

I will add a video how it will look like, thank you.

UPD: Sorry, there are some problems with wacom, damned drivers 0-0
UPD2: My fortuna is very bad. USB has been broken. Sorry…
UPD3: YEAH DUDES! I found a cable to connect my tablet! But my stylus has been broken… But I fixed it!


Sounds good! Hopefully they will think about to add this into the game.

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I think tomorrow I will add *.GIF of how it will look like. It will be near 23:00 UTC+3. I’m glad people don’t think only about weapons.
P.S. Already drawn sprites, tomorrow animation will be ready!
P.P.S. A lot of UPD&P.S.

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Nevermind. My tablet has been broken. Everything I done is just sprites of Hen and M404PL with moving background.