BC MEDIA: Questions about vehicle customization!

I gotta say the Ghost Trail looks really good with the right adjustments. After tweaking it, I started thinking about two things I always wanted to ask about spaceship customization, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.

  1. Will there ever be an option to adjust the default size of your engine exhaust flame in-game? More specifically, when you’re not moving, and not at warp speed?

  2. Will we ever get a fuselage paintjob texture where the stripe goes across the nose horizontally instead of from the top and down to the underside, like Episode 2’s model?CI2 T-500


I’d like this one too, actually.

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Would like to see this ingame

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Added to v.45 :medal_sports: Idea

Added to v.45 :medal_sports: Idea


Please, Add those Pods Textures too. (maybe impossible)

Forgot this one.

  1. What if there was a weapon pods paint texture that affected the tips of the pods, but not the ridges on the outer shells? Like this?

I’d like to add something to the mix as well.
How about this wing paintjob (based loosely off of the paintjob in the CI4 extra editions)?
M40X tail1


I forgot about that one!

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It’s okay, continue the great job.

So the Holy Trinity of Academy Fighter Textures is the Horizontal Nose Stripe, the Weapon Pod Tips, and the Tail Wing Flaps & Fins.

Come on, Mr. Prouskas, let’s see it happen!

Added to v.45 :medal_sports: Idea

Added to v.45 :medal_sports: Idea


Actually, now that I think about it, I can’t be sure if it should be one or the other.

M40X tail1 AAAAAA
Maybe both, if Prouskas is willing to go that far? I dunno.

That might be a tad much (and I’m a big fan of obsessively accurate customization content, aha)


I don’t think that’s necessary, considering how similar they actually are (the more the merrier, of course, but still). I suggested painting the fins because I wanted something as close as possible to the CI4 paintjob.


oh yeah, we’re still waiting for shield types, aren’t we? xd


Oh, NOW I see why you added the fins.

Definitely a sign that I don’t play the seasonal editions that often.


Okay, so I’m pretty much spamming rn, but I came up with a whole set of patterns for the Müllers.

M40X fuselage1 (kinda similar to fuselage C (image ) but I think it’s different enough?)

M40X wing2

M40X pods1

And here’s a very basic paintjob with these patterns.
M40X jobA


Since we are turning this topic in “Post your customization options concepts here!” I want to suggest something too:

May be possible to add diagonal stripes like the one in my profile pixel art?

I think that assimmetrical designs may be an interesting addition


Agree, though if we do get asymmetrical patterns, we should probably get the ability to flip them as well.


At this point, v.45 can’t come soon enough.

I just remembered another one.

You know how the weapon pod ridges turn black when you don’t pick a paint pattern for them?

By any chance can you make it so the pod ridges turn the same color as the base paintwork instead? I think it would make more sense that way.

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