BC Media: New Exhaust Flame Idea

So I always considered making a recommendation for a half-oval shape for an exhaust flame, similar to some of the art I used to make.

Actually, now that I think about it… remember the purple laser projectile from the Close Encounters UCO and the Blast From the Past Mother Hen-Ship?

Yeah, that actually kind of fits. Though, I think the first one looks a bit better.


Hey, all exhausts look awesome, but can i ask why did you want the 2nd one tho?

we can just add the oval shapes and then the color? plus we already have an exaust engine almost like that

Well, using the purple projectile one as an example might make it easier on Prouskas, considering that object is already in the game. So maybe he could modify it instead of make something entirely new.


Make the idea topic.

I know, but the one I use is circular. I think an oval-shaped one that sticks out a little more looks better.

Maybe if there was an option to stretch a flame to be thinner, thicker, longer, or shorter, like an advanced version of increasing/decreasing its idle size…

Thanks, I forgot that topic option.

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Did you really have to put the purple projectile of blast from the past, as an engine flame?

It’s kinda weird with oval-ish shape.

@InterAction_studios What do you think of this one?

I don’t know… it looks awfully similar to the 8th exhaust (the one preceding the ‘smoke’ exhaust)

You also need to think about how it would be animated. I’m not convinced it would look all that great.


Fair point, I suppose.

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But what about an advanced version of the exhaust idle size adjustment, where we could basically stretch the flame, or make it thinner/thicker? Would that be possible?


I question how good stretching something like a smoke trail would look, but you never know without trying it I suppose.

I’d prefer to see the “additive magic” checkbox get added to exhaust, myself. I don’t imagine that would cause many problems.


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