BC Media: Adjustments to recent Paintwork Additions (Polls included!)

OK, so I’ve been playing around with the vehicle customization in the newest update, and I have a few propositions to make for fine-tuning the new options, including one in particular that’s bugged me since Episode 5. But I’d like some input from the rest of the testers on these, in case Mr. Prouskas prefers to do what the majority thinks.

More polls will be in the reply thread!

  1. This first one for the Weapon Pod Textures has always felt like an error to me, and I’d like to see it fixed.

When you pick the No Textures option for the pods, it makes the ridges and barrels black by default, and to me, this doesn’t fit at all for a No Textures option, especially since there’s already a texture option that can do that on its own.

The solution? Make it so the No Textures option turns the ridges and barrels the same color as the ship’s Base paintwork. Doing this can make the new Pod Barrels Texture work better, since your color of choice doesn’t clash with black ridges.

Should this happen or not?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yeah, we can change the pods paint to black with a cheaper price

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  1. The newest fuselage paintjob texture I proposed has an extra addition that makes it inaccurate to the vehicle design from Episode 2. It has a second stripe on the main body.

And since my intention was to replicate the Episode 2 fuselage paintwork to the letter, I wanna see if everyone else is on the same boat with this question: Should that second stripe be removed?

A or B? Take your pick.

  • A
  • B

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  1. Which of these is a better texture option? Or could we get both, Mr. Prouskas?
    AM40X tail1 BAAAAAA

A or B?

  • A
  • B
  • Can we get both?

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Another legitimate point.

For any choice that doesn’t have any effect to balance of the game (especially customization) I would pick all of them :grinning:

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The problem here lies with the file size of the game, I don’t know how much the game file would increase with each new paintjob but IA has a preference to keep CIU compact which means that he wants to keep CIU as small as possible. This is the real limiting factor as to how many new paintjobs we can add in CIU, or at least that’s my theory.

If this is true, then players who are coming up new paintjobs must make them as unique as possible to best preserve space and avoid paintjobs that are too similar to each other.


My preferred outcome (not that it matters much) are the following.

  1. Yes
  2. B.
  3. B/Both

Here by far my choices:

1- Yes
1- A
2- Can we get both?

(Ran out of likes, do NOT attack me back.)

Changed in v.46 :medal_sports: Idea

The point of that paintjob wasn’t to be able to make an accurate CI2 replica.

@Recruit_75 is correct about why customization options must be limited. Nevertheless, this particular paintjob requires very little space (because it doesn’t laterally extend too far out). Added.

Added to v.46 :medal_sports: Idea


OK, understandable on the second one.

But can the second stripe still be removed? Is it gonna stay the way it is? Or can the proposed alternate fuselage texture be added?


It will stay as is. Even the poll supports this.


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