Barrier glitch

What happened to this barrier?
How much HP it has?

It was buffed to the max because the best way to beat this level was to destroy it and then chickens had no lasers.


Got it, thanks.

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It just has 10 times the amount of health a normal egg barrier has and it can be destroyed more easily with some damage amplifiers


In CI4 it was a special type of barrier with a lot of HP, but it was changed.

Er, I wouldn’t say it had a lot of HP. It was rather weak. It guaranteed a powerup, though


It costs me a lot to brake those circular barrier with coloured circles indicating the HP.

Killed it and firepower before was 19, dropped a powerup, and made me go to 20.

Well, okay, I certainly don’t remember it taking that long. Not as long as the egg barrier in this wave, anyways

Assuming that normal Egg barrier has 5900 health in CIU, that means that this particular kind of egg barrier has 59000 hp. That’s a lotta health for such a relatively small enemy. So even with damage amps, you’re still gonna take quite a while to destroy it.

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Yeah, though Emerald just said it’s not as bad if you use amplifiers

That’s true.

technically isn’t everything like not as bad if you’re using amplifiers like isn’t that kind of obvious

Yes, and Pritish just replied to Emerald with the amount of health the egg barrier has, and the reply didn’t make much sense until it was edited.

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The rich kid: mAsS cOnDeNsEr

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