Barbequer destroys sun

The title and the video says it all

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always has been,Barbequer can eliminate all projectiles both small and large


Uh Barbequer Destroys Every Projectiles
So thats intended

What i wonder is…
It emits fire which destroys the sun which is made out of fire?

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Absolver Laser does what the tin says. Absolves the everliving guano of whatever isn’t scripted to not be destructible (Hence why can’t destroy barriers without lights and Feathers). So both weapons have something in common. be able to erase projectiles. Thing is, however, Absolver Laser is the only non-special weapon able to cancel the lasers of the Yolk-star and the Force Field of a Henperor Apprentice.
Take this in note and use it cautiously, as it can save you from undesired scenarios.

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