Banned user vs Deleted user

What’s the difference between a banned user and a deleted user? I mean, since iA had a policy that deleted all accounts that didn’t active for a long time, it could cause some people who didn’t purchase or playing very much worried.

Banned user mean you aren’t able to access your account and play.

Deleted user mean your account is deleted and you’ve to start from scratch.

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Users with purchases never get deleted, and the requirements for others to not get deleted (1 hour of play time, e-mail assigned) aren’t difficult to achieve


Banned user: Cant access the account because that account got Banned (1 month or permanent)

Deleted user: Cant access the account due not meet the requirements (1 hout flight time and E-Mail linked) or you can buy IAP in the game so the account never got deleted

Both Banned user and Deleted user account progress still in the game, just cant access them

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