Awards in Quest

Once again WONDERING how to beat the meritorious Marksmanship Award in a Quest…
Have finished all other quests but still need over 200 Marksmanship awards…
Why does the game not include all awards received during the flight ???


??? yes Medals…

To get the meritorious medals, you need to perform 40 or more kills in a multikill in order to go that

Actually, you have to get 90% accuracy in a wave to get the medal


There is a recommended tactic you should try:

Use Absolver beam. And fly Squawk Block missions. Then max charge the Absolver and try shooting two lines of chickens. And then you will be able to get the medal. Try this for every other wave and so on.

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Absolver Beam + Squawk Block = Markmanship medal’s farmer
But to make it easier to take this medal, just use Positron, Lightning. These are the best weapon that can perform multi kill at 40 enemies, since these created chain shot through them

Again, the marksmanship medal is about accuracy, not multi-kills

still pissed about the medal count…stuck with 200 plus to achieve next Quest level…
cannot believe the Admirals gain the ranks flying less and acheiving more …there must be a CHEAT happening…just saying !

What kind of cheat are you talking about to accuse the game?

Admirals or any higher ranks will need to do more quests but these quests are optional, you don’t have to fly them or instead just play the game and slowly make your way there

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