Auto Travel

Are you too lazy when travelling? Well this is the solution. (probably)

You’re like “How does this work?” Well first of all it’s an item. (Category: Always-On/ Price: 344).
What does it do? You can select the “Auto Travel” button when traveling multiple star systems. When you click it you have to choose how many star systems you want to travel to (and their location by clicking on them) and it will travel to the nearest star system, stop, then travel to the nearest one from that, stop, travel, until it travels to all of them. But make sure you have the fuel ready, this also works on Wormholes, how? Well click the “Auto Travel” button and select the wormholes you want to travel to, and it will travel to the first one you picked, enter it, travel inside it, and so on…
This can be useful for quests if you have a lot of star systems or constellations to explore, (and for taking a break).
Should this be added?

  • Oui (Yes)
  • Non (No)
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