"Attack of the Giant Crab" - easy boss?

Is the chick+chicken throwing version of the Giant Crab supposed to be an easy boss ? If we include its arms (which deal damage as well), it covers about 75% of the screen by itself (more than it did in CI4), while also moving around - not to mention the chicks+chickens. The boss seems too OP for a zoomed-in level; it’s by far the most challenging out of all 4 Crabs (including the CI5 version, which has basically the same attack pattern, but is in a large-screen level).
I think the level should be more zoomed-out, or at least be considered a more difficult boss (not one that can occur at ~5% difficulty).


I think it’s fine the way it is.
A wise man said: Dodge faster.


wrong boss name.
It’s “Giant Robotic Space Crab” and I always skip this one cause I find the hand to be a bit inconsistent.
If you fly towards one of its throwing arms, sometimes you’d crash, others you’d just fly straight over it without crashing. Very inconsistent.

The first crab is easy on lower difficulties, but it would get really hard once you reach around 140 percent. Attack of the giant crab is however much easier even on max difficulty


‘‘Attack of the Giant Crab’’ is one of the easiest single bosses, but one of the most annoying in Double Team missions.

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