Asteroids Waves

For someone who didn’t know, asteroids waves had been through all the Chicken Invaders series, but each episode had its own set for usage of these space rocks. In CI 2, you can see that Interaction Studios staff designed the entire 10 waves filled with asteroids just to feel with “Asteroid Belt” atmosphere. Of course, in CI 3 to CI 5, there have been some similar waves to that, but none of their waves looked so hard to pass through (If you don’t count). Asteroid Belt waves just ‘shot’ the asteroids from different angles [to be precised less than 180 degrees angle]. I admit, CI 3 has a comet waves, but they were just increasing their speed and decreasing their size IN ONE ANGLE. CI 4 has two types of waves: Feather Fields (asteroid-like waves filled with chickens) and Supernova Debris waves, but here’s the difference between two of them: Feather Fields were at least trying to imitate the CI 2 asteroid waves, while SuperNova Debris waves happened ONCE in the series and were imitating CI 3 comet waves (same goes to CI 5 ice rock waves on Eta Astropeleace).

Note: If you really think, I hate or don’t like CI 3’s - CI 5’s asteroid waves , then I’m remiding you all that this is my opinion about them, not a dump topic about hatred or something like that. I just think these waves would be more superior, cool-looking and polished in terms of difficulty, if they had some unique variety on it.

This really bugs me, that InterAction staff didn’t program some difficult waves that includes asteroids (or something like that) for some retro feeling. But now, when Chicken Invaders Universe is on development, then I’d really wish that IA would add them again (with some variety of course, I mean Feather Fields may look easy, but it’ll be suitable, if you’re going to battle with some giant chicken at the end of the mission). They could be added for some solar systems.

If you all want asteroid waves back, let IA to know, that you want them back, if you feel so chaotically nostagic about this.

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For me, asteroid waves could be better, example is adding collision physics. I wanted to see asteroid waves at least similar to this game.

Well, this will be considered to be a big improvement

In my opinion, CI3’s Meteor Storm was alright too.

They already are planned.

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Oops, I think I was too late