Asteroid waves & Neutron Gun vs. Utensil Poker

So, I usually started the level with my original 5 lives, 3 missiles (which I don’t like to use) and a max upgraded (level 8) Neutron Gun.

Every time I get to an asteroid wave on a hard Daily Challenge or late waves in Weekly Challenge, I almost always lose a life or two.

Once I got to a hard asteroid wave with Utensil Poker. I went through a couple of extreme close calls, but survived without losing a life.

Should I switch my starting weapon to Utensil Poker? Personally, I think that Neutron Gun is still stronger (does higher damage), but Utensil Poker is helpful on this asteroid wave, Chicken Rings, some other epic waves, Chicken Multiplicity, infinite enemies spawn by bosses and that fork weapon never overheats (if you fire manually).

I know that Utensil Poker is cheaper than the Neutron Gun, but should I use Dimensional Phase-out instead?

Utensil Poker is a must for dailies, especially the hard ones.

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This is no longer true, unfortunately.
Alſo, I’m pretty ſure that at moſt power levels Utenſil poker does more damage overall, but it’s more ſpread out. At the end of the day, it comes down to perſonal preference; they each have levels where you will regret your choice of weapon.

Actually, Utensil Poker deals more damage on every single power level.
For the most part, there’s no point to using Neutron Gun over it unless you’re absolutely certain that you need concentrated firepower instead of spread.

Naſty ſurpriſe at >100% difficulty is definitely one of thoſe times.


Every single power level expect for the very first one,actually.

Yeah, I though it was ſomething like that, but couldn’t be bothered to check.

That would be a “no”, actually.
On :zap:0 Utensil Poker fires a single normal fork (300 damage) 6.5 times per second (1950 DPS).
Neutron Gun fires a single weak neutron (175 damage) at the same rate of fire (1137,5 DPS).

Unless you’re talking about all weapons, in which case yes, it’s just barely outclassed by Positron Stream, Corn Shotgun and Photon Swarm.

Yes,I was talking about all weapons. But compared to neutrons only,yes,it’s always better.