Assassin chicken restriction on certain waves?

I’m currently playing on Seasoned since I’m not exactly very good at this game, and I had to face a Shape Shifters wave where EVERY chick was secretly assassin. Since you have little space to move it resulted in the unfortunate loss of several lives in a few seconds.

I’m sure that the people who are actually skilled (and who play on harder difficulties) won’t have much trouble with something like this, and harder difficulty levels are supposed to be less fair anyways. But I’m wondering if maybe, on easier difficulties (Seasoned and lower), some waves should have restrictions regarding assassin chickens? Mainly the ones where movement is significantly restricted.

This mission had a 94-100% difficulty percentage so it let assassin chickens spawn, and I’m usually okay with them unless, uh, something like this happens. Has anyone else had similar issues or is it a personal problem?

For reference, here’s how bad the space limitation gets.


As an addendum, I don’t believe that toxic, coward or slob chickens cause similar issues since they’re not invading your personal space. If I get the feeling that a coward chicken will kill me if I shoot at them (because I don’t have enough space to dodge their bullet), I can simply decide not to shoot on that moment. Assassin chickens are harder to manage, and depending on the weapon I can’t attack only one at a time and deal with them individually.

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These are Assassin Chicks though

but yeah, they are awful on that wave


Are assassins the ones with a bandana that turn red when hit, and berserks the ones who are already red from the beginning? I always get the names confused. I’ll change it if it’s wrong.

image these are Berserks
image and these are Assassins


Thanks! I’ve changed it.

Instead of restricting this enemy here and there and you got a huge exception list (which is a pain to see), I believe the better approach is to readjust their movement speed according to difficulty (because they’re kinda very dangerous for newer player) and make the game stop spamming lots of hard enemy at once. I’ve been talking it before.

One or two, maybe five? Is enough. Half of population? No thanks. I regretted using ICBM.

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I’m not sure if the exception list would be too messy if we’re talking about only one type of enemy, but I see your point. Setting a max number of assassins on the same wave and limiting their speed would work too. Essentially any change that lets me kill that awful thing before it reaches my spaceship is fine.

You might want to see this post:

Although to somehow deal with that, you’ll need to shoot the UFO’s first without letting the bullet hit any of the assassins. As a trade-off, it’ll take time to do so (risk and reward).

The thing is to destroy them quickly enough to not be a problem.

I pretty sure destroying them quickly enough isn’t the only way to deal with it especially when the overheat system limits you to do so.

The issue is not “Seasoned” (it only adds 10%), but rather the mission’s native difficulty. Assassin’s don’t start appearing until 70% (and don’t come into full force until 90%). So the quick fix would be “play an easier mission”.

Having said this, we could (say) halve their probability of appearance in space-restricted waves.


I would say playing around probability too much is not a good idea, as someone might be unfortunate to meet these kind of waves.

Yeah, I’m aware that they spawn because of the native mission difficulty. I meant it more as “Should a Seasoned player have to deal with this, even if the mission difficulty is high?”, to which my answer is “maybe not”. >90% missions usually give me no issues, it’s just these kind of waves.
I guess we could apply a probability fix and see if it helps?

I’m not actively making changes during this period, but I’ve made a note to tone them down at the first opportunity.


Just throw out a missle to solve them :slight_smile:

Not everyone spends their keys on missles. And how would have they known about the wave before playing it in order to equip them? Not everyone would have missles equipped at all times either.
And playing a mission 2 times or more gives you unoriginality penalty.

Think about these things before you throw out a reply like that.


Calm down, he’s a newcomer to this forum, he’ll learn better when he spend more time on it.

I wasn’t agitated in the first place. I just stated my points.


cries in 20 keys

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