Do you know what artifact is?
Artifact is a Special Item so you can obtain on Artifact Recovery Mission
If you fly this mission, finish it and artifact will obtained!
You can Press check button on Artifact Recovery Mission if you want to see it.
Once you Obtained a artifact, Find and go to heroware to sell this Artifact!
If you sell this artifact, you will get reward of epic Hundred keys!
Note:You cannot Get artifact because you have already obtained this artifact!
There’s more artifact on every planet!
There are type of artifact on here:
And Assemble
Artifact can be assembled on your Spacecraft!
Do you like my ideas, @InterAction_Studios


artifacts are already planned i think

Artifact will be planned. But that’s okay,
InterAction is working on it at Future Update.

Artifact is a DOTA card game created by Valve-


Wow. Good reference. I like it.