Are there enough Space Burger restraurants?

The current galaxy contains 100 Space Burgers, and 115 of everything else (Heroes Academy, Aftermarket, Heroware, Fortune Teller, Gus’s Gas).

I see some notes on my list to increase the Space Burgers from 100 to 150, and everything else from 115 to 125. I can’t remember why :roll_eyes:

Question is, do you think the current number of Space Burger and other “special” locations is sufficient? Do you need more? Or perhaps less?


It’s fine the way it is.
Are we getting new locations anytime soon?
Thought I’d just ask.


In my opinion Space burgers number should be the same as every other shop (wich number is fine to me)

These locations encourage explorations even in endgame phase so the number shoudn’t be too hight


It’s good as it is now but those things should be distributed evenly in the galaxy.

They’re less common than the other shops.
Isn’t that a good thing?The one shop where you get keys instead of spending them should be rarer.

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enaugh like @Stardrone said encourage exploration

I think a critical thing is that the prices in the galactic ſhop are not high enough to encourage people to go find a ſhop if they don’t happen to be there already.


It might look like that because you are a late-game player with thousands of keys and everything in inventory, eventually buying some lives or amps (which don’t have a too large difference in a galactic shop).
I legit don’t remember the last time I bought anything in the galactic shop, if I ever did.


Even if it’s not a big price difference,I’m pretty sure that people would rather buy cheaper stuff from the regional stores instead of wasting keys in the galactic shop.
As for IA’s question…
I don’t think you need to change anything,tbh.

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Yes, but only if they don’t have to travel to find the ſtore.

Really? I haven’t noticed. It doesn’t even take that many keys to find one.

To encourage travel even more,you know,just throwing out an idea,a second tier of equipment that are better than the first tier by a significant amount only found in regional stores.
They could come with cool asthetic effects and only be compaitable with Mullers.


Oh,like uncommon,rare and legendary items? Already a thing

But they aren’t much of an incentive when buyïng lives, ſay.

Oh ye,having uncommon,rare and legendary variants of items other than heat sinks,spaceships,reactors and engines would be cool. But I wonder what they would do. Just have even lower prices?

100 space burger restaurants are enough for me. Although i feel really betrayed by a Space burger slogan:

  • The company has over 7 billion stores in 1100 galaxies !
  • There is always a store in less than 10 parsecs away from you!
  • Serving over 12 trillion burgers everyday !
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yes , there is enough space burgers

Assuming I didn’t mess up the calculations it works out to 6363636.3636363636363636363636364 restaurants on average per galaxy

So yeah, our galaxy got shafted pretty hard, or maybe it’s just REALLY small (well, for a galaxy, anyway).


The reason is the hero who destroyed Space Burger corp. convoy in CI4. Now they closed most of restauraunts.