Are there any like old prototypes of the games from 1 - 5?

ah you know very early old prototypes with unfinished textures and stuff made for debugging the game etc… and im not talking the betas they are just pre-release versions… sorta like a “Release Candidate” in a sense, im talking old prototypes for debugging the game, checking to make sure the game works, you know but like still pretty early in development and all of that, are there any versions like that?..

idk just something that was brought up to my head so i wanted to ask this

you know like a sorta mid-development debugging version with debug tools and such (aren’t the cheats in the website versions sort of like debug tools??? does IA use the cheats to debug the games???) with missing textures or just straight up temporary placeholder or reused models/sprites and all of that, like IA was programming the game/hitboxes/weapons etc… and still didn’t do any of the graphics, and packaged a build of the game to test out that everything is working and all of that

edit: maybe even a Dev Menu… Debug Menu… whatever you wanna call it

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Ooh idk, that’s a good question, and I’d like to see what IA can or will say

Albeit, I’m not much one for prototypes and alternate versions, but I think it’s an interesting direction to look at IF it’s not going to cause some harm

Summarize because TL;DR: Beta Build?

i don’t know if we should call it beta since there are the open betas for all the episodes which were a month before release for every episode, i mean like an old prototype build (i guess you can call it a beta build if you don’t consider the Open Beta testing phases for all the episodes which were a month before release for every episode and were pretty much just “unfinished final products”)

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Of course there are. There were, mid development, as you said. They were not released or shown, they never will. iA doesn’t store even the beta versions, nobody would think of preserving a completely unfinished game with a ton of place holders.


It’s fun to see how things change over the span of development

The closest thing to that is the series of posts about remastering CI1.

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he deletes beta versions?


of the known builds only the ci5 evaluation one can be called unfinished, and even then that wasnt made explicitly for debugging

Version control be damned.

Unfortunately. And it’s bizarre given CI installers only weight like 40MB.

yeah the CI5 evaluation is still like a pre-release, its still part of the open betas

nobody would think of preserving a completely unfinished game with a ton of place holders.

why not? its part of the game’s legacy, plus in Chicken Invaders case a CI game weights about somewhere between 20 mb to 100 mb
many indie developers do also save their old versions as well even if the game weights a lot, just look at Choo Choo Charles

People usually back stuff up at significant development stages, e.g. the first build that has a complete playable level incorporating most systems functioning. It’s up to iA if he wants to preserve these or not. I believe the engine itself is preserved, at least for the sake of bug tracking when something suddenly breaks (like that CI1 RNG).

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