Are the weapons balanced?

I mean, the Vulcan Chaingun weapon in the previous games is pretty useless, but in this game, I find that the damage output has been increased significantly, but now with a accuracy deterioration which is dependent on the heat rate, which I think, makes it a huge improvement. What do you guys think about the other weapons? Or the same weapon?

Vulcan Chaingun is a good weapon atm. But some weapons needs edit too. Like Riddler is really weak


Ion blaster need a buff damage. It is so useless


Also why all weapons give a points in a quantity from when they came out(releasing the games adds a new weapons and every new gives a more points than the others)? For example the ion blaster give only 1000 because is the first weapon, the neutron gun gives 2000 and the laser cannon 3000. So, when the weapons are released, the weapon that is at last released takes the most points. I think this should change.


Yes, the more uſeleſs the weapon, the more points you get, the exception beïng the Utenſil Poker.

The corn shotgun is not useless too.

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Photon Swarm should have a slightly slower overheat rate.


Changed in v.35

:medal_sports: Idea


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