Are saved missions can be lost?

I have encountered a key rush mission and I saved it for later. So my question is: Is this mission can be lost when I don’t play it for a long time?
Thank you.


You can only lost it when a new update drops

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So does that mean when a new update release, the whole game will be reset?

Currently, a mission can not disappear from the “to-do” list.

This only applies to mission in progress, which means if you were in the middle of a mission when an update dropped (including cases when you are not in the game at that moment but exited before completing the mission, either through “end session” or by simply exiting the game without surrendering), the mission progress will be lost (though unsure if it counts as being “cancelled” rather than “lost”),


Oh ok

It’s lost, as if you never flew it.

@Tomser: The mission stays there until you play it. It never goes away.


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