Apple Core buff idea

Seriously, I don’t seen any speed buff on all CI4 bosses. So that why i have an idea a super buff for the Apple Core on “Shoot the Core!”.
Make it more harder. Every 10% it shoot faster. It shoot more faster each difficulty
That is my idea. What do you think ?

Speed is currently fine for me, although it should not be almost instantaneous.

Other ways to buff it:

  1. Increase shot count per round like 4 or more.
  2. Decrease delay between shots.
  3. Make barriers shoot more frequently.
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i’m talking about decrase delay

I’d say the Apple Core DEFINETLY needs a buff, but if the apple shoots so fast so you can’t get near it, and the apple is so small, any spread weapons will be screwed.

On the other hand,those spread weapons would also be able to hit the apple core without having you get directly in front of the apple core. Weapons without spread would require you to be directly in front of it,which would be harder to do if the apple keeps shooting way too quickly.

Ah yes, hitting the apple with 2 forks a time is gonna do so much damage! Well, either way both weapons get worse then… hm… perhaps give it some additional attacks, not make it shoot ultra fast (Like the fast bosses), or make the barriers reappear from the sides of the screen (So they don’t spawn in you and pray for RNGesus).