Appetite attractors


kindly check because its range of grabbing food isnt good enough and its not worth its cost for this little performance.

i suggest either give it a buff of kindly reduce its cost :smiley::heart:

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I think the big idea about these perishables is that it’s not something that you just buy a gigantic supply of and continuously use every mission hoping to outpace the effective key usage per mission. If it was something that people are supposed to use forever, then it would be something people can use forever, not a perishable.

It’s probably better thinking of these as little boosts that are to be used whenever they will provide maximum impact. I like using these in supernova missions where coins are scattered everywhere, since you can suddenly pick them all up easily before they drop off the screen. It has its uses, just only some of the time.

Same goes with other perishables as well. For example: you don’t use eggular repulsor for every mission, just the ones that are difficult.

(Also, you can stack these items for extra benefit, 3x appetite attractor is huge)


I use it in longer missions where you get more value for money - it costs the same to mount an appetite attractor for a five-wave-mission as it does for a hundred-wave one. :wink:

So the value is relative - it’s not about how much it costs, but what you do with it. I don’t think it’s overpriced.

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