Appear Offline and other

In the galaxy, you are always visible, and your contacts can always see when you get online.
There should be an option to Hide from the galaxy; And to go Offline.
Here is a picture:

Appear Offline: You will appear as offline, your contacts will receive the message that you are offline and this option will remember it’s selection. If you reconnect, you will receive the message

" :warning: You are appearing as offline."

Hidden: This will hide you from the galaxy, if someone in your contacts tries to locate you, it will say that this user has hidden their location.

For what ?

Actually this is not necessary as no one even bother checking out who’s online or not for what.
It only responsible to make you know that “Oh okay this player is online” or “Hey he’s offline”, nothing so critical witb player stats tho.

Or, if you wanna hide your location, just use “Anonymous” option, this will also hide your coords.

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