Anyone knows?


So, does anyone knows when CIU (full game) will be available? And don’t say ‘When it’s done’, cuz that annoys me.


Sorry for annoying you, but according to IA “When it’s done"


“When it’s done”




SuperKiddo idk


On the date on which the full game will be made available.


Once the completed product is published


The day before the day after the day of the release.


just be patient. updates can’t keep coming back to back when you want


I’m patient but i wan’t to know when it will be available.


welp when it’s done of course


According to the Cambridge dictionary, “patient” is defined as “having patience”. “patience” is defined as “the ability to wait, or to continue doing something despite difficulties, or to suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed”, which you apparently lack. Therefore, you are not patient as you claim, eſpecially conſidering that you have only been on the forum ſince December 10th.


Nobody can predict with certainty the date CIU will officially be released since there are many more updates to come (a lot of things need to be solved and even added). Plus, it’s not like IA studios know exactly everything they need to do in order to solve/add those things to estimate how much it will take. There are so many ideas, so many choices and programming the game doesn’t always turn in the favor of the team. For now, be glad that you have the early access versions to play.


Enough! I’m deleting this topic!


Ask a ſtupid queſtion…