Any CIU tips

I have been playing CIU for a while but I was never able to get a lot of keys, ik ssh exist but I feel too scared of losing all my lives and coolants from just one mission


You just need to use the h&c cokerel spaceship. That brings you with 8% of total keys bonus.

You can win by not dying.


Buy skills. I use the 4th one

You may try saving up for a BX-9 to do harder missions easier. H&C is now very limited in weapon power and is not reliable on harder levels. Also, the bonus from H&C 101 of +18% is very small compared to the +300% you normally get from Chicken Invasion (+18% in this case would only be worth about +4% overall), while using BX-9 with strong weapon power will save you a lot of time even on easier missions, giving you keys and food much faster.

Satellites are permanent, so they can also help, especially the fire one that destroys projectiles. Avoid using special weapons and perishables, they are very expensive and single-use, the only thing you should bring for farming is Extra Lives and maybe some Damage Amplifiers and Dimensional Phase-outs for only near-impossible epic waves.


play long missions, and use the Muller flagships for power.

Also make sure to turn on the first one in settings


Thanks for the advice, but I already have enough game sense from a long time ago, I was just struggling to get keys but I moved out of the rookie difficulty now, so it should be good I guess, plus I was really thinking if I have to buy keys to really progress through the game because of how “grindy” the game felt

A quick solution, but it’s boring, is to go to a Wormhole with a max length, max difficulty Retro mission and use Positron Stream or Absolver Beam with satellites to help you destroy boss projectiles and defeat the boss quickly. Note that Retro missions have high tier requirements of tier 45-50.

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get a better weapon, get veteran, and then get better equipment

once you can do veteran just fine, get ssh. though you’ll want to get an at least decent weapon first

It was changed. Now the minimum is 30.

Does boron count as a decent weapon? Cuz I already have it at the starting fp of 6

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good weapon, especially with accumulator

Is overdrive any better?

well boron suits with accumu more

fill the charge bar and almost fill the heat bar (dont overheat) then activate

Thing is I have a pretty good heat sink so I kinda got used to overdrive

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its moron but better, so yeah i’d say its pretty good

i recommend using accumulator (booster) with it, but perhaps you should use overdrive just to get used to it

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