Anti piracy images post here

There games with full version, that is downloaded not from iA’s site, will crash without error. This is AntiPriacy!
My Anti piracy idea. Will appear in game, while one wave is completed

You can post AntiPiracy image here

Friendly reminder that Nintendo is hardly the best example of how to deal with piracy


Remimds me of this

There also PC versions

you wouldn’t download a car

And there screens on Nintendo are creepy

The lore deepens

Will appear on games of this franchise ‘Chicken Invaders’

On GameCube, it requires to validate disc, by entering serial number. If it incorrect, will no longer to play disc.

…yeah that’s literally how a purchase works currently on iA’s website

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Say if they were to have a pirated copy of chicken invaders then, Will they end up in jail?
(Not true btw)

On pirated game that downloaded from IGG-Games (Pirated site), Steam will block them

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying, there’s literally no need for this when Steam already gives DRM.

Isn’t CIU free

I’ve found CI4 2players mode on internet and CI5 on russian source

(shhhh… There games I described, is pirated)

F2P Game, which is availible with paid items (Bunch of keys, CHL)

Just a little disclaimer that I put it in

It is impossible to get rid of piracy completely but it actually helps a bit. People who pirated the game might spread the information about it, making it more popular → more profit to devs. Even if the game is possible to pirate, you can’t use online multiplayer which is the most fun feature of all games except CI2/CI2R.


I stole a TV and I got this.