Another Suggestion. Again

Just a rather simple one this time.

Reflective Coating: When a projectile is about to kill you, this Perishable item will be automatically activated, and will deflect all projectiles around you for a half of a second. It takes 10 seconds to recharge the next reflect, however.

(The area of the deflector is the size of the shield when you die. It’s a half of a second, just to not make it an instant game ender if another wave of projectiles are not reflected by it. Call it a temporary Invulnerability period if you will.)

Can only use 3 units per mission, costs 85 keys per unit.

(I’d try to make a example image, but I really suck at photoshop, so this might need some time.)

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If they are by bundles of 3 like everything else: We have lives that give you guaranted safety, and dimensional phase outs, that you have to activate yourself, but can have more of. This just feels like combination of both for a much higher price.
If they aren’t by bundles of 3: Why use them over lives? They are extremely expensive for 1 use, for the same effect. Any other item would do the job, really.

Oh, and why the random 3 per mission limit?

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This should be a Mountable. Perishables automatically disappear after the mission ends.


Ah, that would make more sense. Basically perma-lives.

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These are to help you not die when you don’t react in time. Besides, if you can use 9 of them, you’re almost guaranteed to do a mission without a single death, if not for the cooldown.

Yes, but lives

These are for perfectionists. Not for casuals. Besides, extra lives mean you lose 5 power on death, which at times can really put you at an disadvantage. The reflectors are meant to prevent you from dying if you fail to activate your “Dimensional Phase-out” in time.

Excuse me ekhm. Well actually I do see the point that you don’t actually lose your power level. I’d say more these are for casuals because, well, you don’t get a death penalty.


I agree with Davoid,the truth is quite the opposite from what you said,considering that the item actually makes the game easier.

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Hm. If you say so. However, if the opinion of 2 people out of 100s of others is enough to shut down the idea, that’s not really fair, is it?

If only @trust_level_0 worked.

I’m sure no one would spam it.

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Well, conſidering that only 1 perſon liked it…