Another random tip that you may already know + A Suggestion

With all your guns blazing and the chickens frying, stop firing your weapons so you don’t leave crying.

Basically, stop firing your weapons from time to time so that you can see enemy projectiles better.

If you’re just gonna use Dimensional Phase-Outs, then you should probably learn to dodge stuff, instead of taking the cheap and easy way out.

Speaking of which, @InterAction_studios, do you have any intentions of restricting players to only skill on daily challenges? That means no Missiles, Mines, Phase-Outs, or anything like that. (Which I call Cheating Items)

But extra lives are allowed (Max of 4 extras). Or maybe, it could be made into a separate challenge, which lets you gain more score or/and keys?


This would be brilliant because I always play without special weapons and satellites so no big deal for me, but bigger rewards. I think that it should be rewarded more - the medal for not using satellites isn’t having much impact on final score.

So tell me, is it the eggs I need to catch? I can never remember.

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Yes always catch the eggs, never collect those colorful powerups, they are instant death.


never collecting power-ups is gonna give you a rare medal, that being this:

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It’s just a “Restriction” where you play at the highest difficulty, but you cannot use Damage Amplifiers, Phase outs, Missiles, Mines, any items of the same caliber. Firepower and gift boxes are just the way they should be, still increasing firepower and all that. In fact, the daily mission should do that.

Extra Lives on the other hand, are okay. But you’re limited to 4 extra lives. (That means 5 lives in a single mission)
You can also bring whatever weapon you’re currently using. (Neutron Gun, Boron Railgun, these kinda stuff)

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revolution to make the game actual hard, i support your suggestion

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There is a difference from dodging skills and screen full of projecticles(wich is unfair). Try to play Omnidirectional Ounslaught with Chickenauts to test your dodging skills. What about the fast asteroids? They come out of nowhere from the right or left side of the screen. You need to have big luck to reach this kind of levels without deaths or phase-outs.

You can do these without deaths, provided that you try HARD enough. Do not have the mindset that you will not make it through these, try first. You saw me beat Emotional Showboat with only 2 lives, and 3 damage amplifiers.
40 waves, with a Difficulty that starts off pretty harsh. It’s not as hard now though, due to the new update.

Trust me. I’ve done harder stuff than that.

I wiſh I could, but it’s been ages ſince I’ve ſeen an all-miniboſs wave.

While the game gets harder, all items will become MORE desired! That is, I also don’t use them. But just because you’d rather not, doesn’t mean anyone else can’t. And not everyone is starting good in the game, worse players need some help in the game! And don’t say they should git gud… welll they should, but items are here for a reason. But I suggest this… medals for not using items and lives but also that instead of a total ban on items, they would decrease your score per item instead.

Well, I did say a “Separate” difficulty.

You’re either brave or stupid. :rofl: