Another idea about improving Daily stipend (a.k.a Daily login bonus) system

Instead of getting 20 keys when logging in to the game everyday & get the “Daily Diligence Declaration” medal for logging in 30 days consecutively that make some CIU players feel boring, why don’t you improve the Daily stipend (a.k.a Daily login bonus) system to make more benefical & suitable for beginner? For example:

  • Login 3 days consecutively: 25 keys bonus + any “Special weapons” items
  • Login 7 days consecutively: 30 keys bonus + any “Perishables” or “Auto-use” items
  • Login 14 days consecutively: 40 keys bonus + 1000 fuels bonus
  • Login 30 days consecutively: 50 keys bonus + any items in Heroware except “Spacecraft”, “Heat sinks”, “Reactors” & “Engines” + “Daily Diligence Declaration” medal
    (Note that 2nd bonus rewards may change after you logged in 30 days consecutively)

I hope this idea is helpful for you & if you want to request some changes, please write a feedback down below.
:warning: Any feedback that copied to someone in forum or related to “Copium” will be instantly FLAGGED & DELETED!

Thank you.


how to get legendaries with no effort


oh no, i’ll become unemployed

I’ve edited this post
Sorry about that.

Sorry about that, I’ve edited this post

i said legendaries not legendary spacecrafts
just slightly increasing keys is good enough, what’s the point of a grinding game if you don’t grind anyway

I think so :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Imagine free Legendary BX-9.

If you play hard, you will be rewarded with many times more keys, but the necessary items are spoiled for choice

I’ve got a feeling that this is gonna be a new trend.


Firstly, CIU is already easy to farm exp and key. So 20 keys per day is fine (My opi)

And why? This’s useless. I’m sure that no one will waste their precious seconds to do such nonsense thing.


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