Another CIC stereotypes

I hate when people that watches Chicken Invaders Universe videos from CIC players. When they see someone died, they instantly conclude that person is a careless player. If they’re so good about the game, then show us how you beat it. tsk.

Uh, mind asking you what even is the point of this topic?

I already told you, there’s no off-topic or anywhere else other than 4 topics in this forum. So please, don’t ask what kind of topic is this when there a limit on how much people choose.


Just met this one

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Should I contact add Shomi?

This person called Herobrine Error 666 is literally very bad. This happened with me when I played multiplayer with him.

I admit: people that adding “BRINE ERROR 666” on their callsign are super bad.


ERROR 666 trend:
Yea, you know right .__.


litteral the brine world of 666

ALI BRINE ERROR 666 is having team’s but (only Arabic) probably, there’s more players Arabians too much

are any of them above 13?

No idea. Ask them if they join multiplayers :wink:

I thought he was talking about me lol.

my error friends

and me

All of them having the words ‘BRINE ERROR 666’ indicates that they are a fan of Herobrine.

im not
i dont play minecraft

And it’s his choice to express his opinion on this matter.

Also interesting how you bump a topic for this matter.

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Not defending him but.

may i remind you :face_with_monocle:

(this is a screenshot if you couldn’t tell because of the background)

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Well Bumping is considered bad if not done to add something important to the topic. It’s listed in the F.A.Q. also this 14 days trial works if the latest reply on this topic lasted for 14 days. And Bumping can stop it.