Another bug! (BSOD)

I’m so confused :sob:
Because I got a BSOD while I was opening CIU on my Toshiba laptop. And then, my laptop won’t work anymore :cry:

Please help me @InterAction_studios


It’s not possible for CIU to break your laptop. A BSOD is a sign of a much more serious issue.

We can’t offer any help from afar :cry: . You’ll need to have your laptop serviced by a trained professional.


I didn’t receive a BSOD, but once, when i started the game, my CPU was running at 100%, but i think there was a memory error. I think i experienced this action in the past, after the windows starts. We cannot know. I have a simply question. My laptop has almost one year, but it is from the category of gaming. In some cases (randomly at big explosions from mines, satellites, boss) the game freezes for a short time. I also experienced this in the previous games CI4 and CI5. Do you know anything about this problem, or is there anyone who also experienced this strange issue?

Try lowering the graphics. That may help…

The scope is not to drop the graphics level since i can play a lot of games on a high quality without any problems. Also, the freeze option i reproduced on other devices in the past in the previous games, all laptops.

Explosions are made of big amount of particles so they are harder than usual textures for PC and phones.


Did you see a code similar to 0x000000 on the BSOD?