Anomalies in Spawn Spinner

After playing spawn spinner a few times, I notice a lot of times I can’t hit the chickens without putting myself in great risk (I uses a BX-9.) This would usually lead to around 20% of the enemies escaping before I could’ve killed them.

There should be anomaly zones on each side of the screen that allow you to change your direction so you can hit the chickens. This or prevent the ability for enemies to leave the wave.

EDIT: I think that the zoom-out was rather unnecessary because I never had trouble dodging the chickens, just killing them.

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Skill issue.

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Even if it is indeed skill issue, i would like some anomalies on that wave


Speaking of this, it was already suggested before:

I think someone else suggested it too, but I can’t find. Too lazy for now, I am.



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It was suggested several times yet denied, and besides, a zoom was made for it this patch, you can fight them regularly now.

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Even with the zoom, it’s a terribly annoying level and I agree it would be better if they just stayed in (but then it would be even longer).

Adding Anomaly zone for Spawn Spinner will make it almost the same as The Windmill wave. I only agree about zoom-out the camera to 120%.


need more zoom

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