Android/iOS Chicken Invaders players: Your help is needed

Is anyone here playing Chicken Invaders on Android or iOS?

I just got a message from Google that ad serving has been disabled to the games because “ad banners and app content overlap”. No further information has been provided.

This has happened several times in the past, and every time I have reviewed the game and made changes to fix this. This time, I can’t see where the problem is.


  • You play Chicken Invaders on Android or iOS
  • And you haven’t purchased the game (so the ad banner is visible during gameplay)
  • And you have noticed cases where the ad banner obscures/overlaps with something

Then please post your observations here (or via e-mail). Provide screenshots if at all possible. Thank you!

P.S. CIU development will unfortunately be suspended until this issue is corrected.


I help you InterAction

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This reply is not related but you could optimize all CI games in mobile. Its very laggy because the smoke when chicken dies and the explosion when bosses dies.

Try to turn on EVERY indicator.


Are U Nhan-DarkNs From Youtube?

Yes .

Ok, so making the necessary changes to the Android version also requires corresponding changes to the iOS version, which of course Apple won’t accept because it needs a new iOS SDK, which of course needs a new version of XCode, which of course needs a new version of macOS, which of course uses a new disk format.

Because progress :rage:


Oh Apple always complicates everything :angry:


Apple is so stupid!

Why can’t you make CIU for Android first???
Because, CIU for IOS will take SO long to finish!

It’s not about Chicken Invaders Universe.

Oops, sorry!

Well uhh, i’m sorry for what i’ve done to you. Hope you accept my apologize. :cry:
How to give Apple what they deserve:
Step 1. Throw your Apple phone and Mac into the trash.
Step 2. Go to the Apple headquarters and nuke them.
Aaand that, is how it’s done!


Apology accepted! We’re sorry that we disapointed you with our stupid decisions and responses in the past :slight_smile: , we’ll improve our communication in the future.


Well, uhh, that doesn’t mean you’re not the best company in the world but still. Just, don’t be too greedy; a best company is a company that cares more about the quality of their games rather than money (this is not an insult). But you still have fans that care about you and defend you, right?

anyways, it’s not the first time i liked one of your posts, right?

Just don’t act like they’re a company all the time and call them out every time when they make a EA joke
Thank you

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All what i do is just a joke.

You misunderstood. :expressionless:

We are not greedy and never were, those articles you find on the internet are fake.

I don’t wanna insult or nitpick, but even though you’re probably not greedy, just update your games and make them better. This way, you could get lots of reputation and love if you do that. :wink:

Can you like… atleast make your own topic? You don’t need to talk about EA everywhere…

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EA is love, EA is life