📱 Android (experimental preview)

That would make the game harder. (probably, never completed a mission with it, but I know it’s bad.)

Why not have them both?

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Not now yet

if you have the digital keyboard open, then tab out for 30 seconds, the keyboard is still open in the “failed: other side…”

*Visible confusion*


Also, can you add the Android links in ⬇ Download CIU

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He said he doesn’t want to do it yet since the android version may still be very buggy iirc.

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We might have it in the future. Currently this is only for testing, and the game is really really buggy.

It’s borderline. But I was aware of it, so no bug.

This is correct. For consistency I only used digits. 1210100 should be read as 121.01.00 = 121.1

I’m turning that into an adjustable slider. Changed in v.122 :medal_sports: Idea

Yes and no. Your spacecraft still obeys the speed limit (if there is one). And you can’t travel through enemies without dying.

Acknowledged, but won’t fix since this keyboard will be eventually replaced.

I decided it won’t hurt to compile it as 32-bit (which can also be run in 64-bit CPUs) while it’s still in the experimental stage. But Google Play only supports 64-bit, so it will eventually be changed back.

When v.122 (or v.123) comes out


Fixed in v.122 :medal_sports: Bug

Changed in v.122 :medal_sports: Idea


Fixed in v.122 :medal_sports: Bug


Fixed in v.122 :medal_sports: Bug


@InterAction_studios Since chatting in multiplayer for the android version is unlikely to happen, can we instead have an emote button or something similar? like the chat wheel from csgo or voice commands from tf2.
Also I think there should be an indicator if someone is playing from mobile, like having a phone icon next to the player.

You’re able to use Google Play again?

Oh look, another possible benefit for CHL:
Pay to get .apk installer with 32-bit support


Ah, that’s right my bad :sweat_smile:

It doesn’t do it.

Uh… Someone ask me this: How can they chat in Multiplayer mode for mobile version?

Well, let’s set poll

Do you IA can add chat in a mission?
  • Yes
  • No

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even though i don’t ia can add chat in a mission, having a button to chat that can be optionally enabled would be nice

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