Android Early Access

Is an early access version for android?
I cant play with pc right now and i want to know how is CIU and i want to play with my phone(android)

No, there are no Early Access editions for any mobile phones or smartphones.

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But the android version for CIU will be released after full release for sure



I forgot, Android Version of Chicken Invaders only for Tablet ?

Gee, I hope not.
Much more group of people own a phone not a tablet. The ability to play CIU “on the go” is the only reason I consider buying the CH License. (yes, it’s possible without it, but I want to have 1 account)

The ability to play CIU anywhere, anytime cannot be applied without internet connection. There really should be an option to play at least the galaxy missions offline, or at least an option to download them, but the progress won’t be saved online for everyone to see until you have connected back to the internet.

I have portable mi-fi router so it’s not a problem for me, but I can agree it would be good for some people.

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