Android: CIU version 142 advance preview


v.142 is almost complete, but it has become necessary to issue an emergency preview for Android users ahead of schedule.

There are two main things you need to test in this version:

  1. New EU consent for ads. You will only see this if:

    • You don’t have a CHL
    • You’re at least tier 3
    • You live in the EU

    If you meet all these criteria, verify that a dialog pops up asking for your permission during your first login, and afterwards that a “Privacy Options” button has appeared on the main menu. Verify that ads are otherwise shown as expected.

    If you don’t live in the EU, please verify that ads still work for you exactly as in previous versions.

  2. New “Virtual D-Pad” control option (in Main Menu → Options → Controls → Touchscreen → Follow method). Ensure that:

    • It works as expected.

    • The remaining follow methods still work exactly as they did in previous versions.


Before downloading, read through these important points:

  • This preview is labeled as v141.8, which means it will connect to the live server and you will be playing on your actual official profile. However, you will be able to play multiplayer only with other v.141.6 players.

  • During first app launch, you will receive a message that CI2.hst is corrupt. This is normal and can be ignored. All your menu options will be reset to their default values, however, so you’ll need to reapply any customizations you’ve made.

  • CI2 has been removed.

:arrow_down: Download the advance preview here:


New ads yay…

Alright, made a new test account and it seems to work fine,


What changed in new version

Firstly, I updated the app and it shows that pop-up after upgraded.

Secondly, I tested the virtual D-Pad on my option and it’s pretty work now.

Will we have an option to change the sensitivity for the D-Pad?


in this CHL it’s buy free ads on temporary at 1 month.

Agree. It’s too slow to use D-Pad at the current testing version.

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About the sensitivity option, I think it should affect how fast the ship would fly depends on where you hold your finger on D-Pad. The closer to the corner of it, the ship will fly faster with higher sensitivity.

This behaviour is somewhat same as TouchStyk*, if we set its sensitivity to “Lighter Touch”, which known as fastest, then the mouse will go crazily fast. The opposite to “Heavy Touch”

* TouchStyk is also a mouse controller, which you can find on most vintage laptops, such as my model, HP Elitebook, or older Lenovo Thinkpad


with this option sensitive D-Pad, I agree.

Also why do I feels like this D-Pad style looks more like Thumbstick

Can you change it so that if these settings are set to the following:

  • Follow method: Virtual D-Pad
  • Firing mode: Two fingers

… and I tap anywhere else with only one finger, my weapon would fire? Similar goes for Satellite fire, of course.

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Now, that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. If you said TrackPoint, I’d recognize that. I remember that on a old IBM laptop we had.


I didn’t know they were called TrackPoint. I called it TouchStyk only because Synaptic themselves called their product like that.

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Just a bit of history about it.

Added in v.141.7 :medal_sports: Idea


Fixed in v.141.7 :medal_sports: Bug



v.141.7 is now available

:arrow_down: Download the advance preview here:


how v146?
it should be v142
or v141.7 just like the apk file



Can iA change D-Pad like this? It’s too hard to control our spaceship.

Also, although i set the sensitivity for Virtual joystick to maximum, but i feel that the spaceship is too slow than my thought.