An idea to "Nerf" Mysterious ship (Cancelled)

Since the MS got a buff that makes it from one of the easy boss into a nightmare, time to nerf it down but it’s not even a nerf.

Give it a flash of warning (time like max difficulty planetary) before every attacks. MS will not stop, show warn and fire but the warn will show that the place it will attack.

I hope this will be implemented without hitting the limit of the thing.

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Kinda takes away the challenge for the boss. Isn’t the starting telegraph enough for you to judge where the lasers would go?
I can only suggest that you practice fighting the boss more, it’s not THAT difficult, really.

Unless you’re extremely impatient, then yes. You’ll die a lot.


Won’t hurt…

Well, the boss would become too easy


You can totally dodge it by going up or down/ left or right.(I know it’s hard for the first time but you’ll get used to it)

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