An idea I have that could incorporate boosters into Absolver Beam

Of course, Absolver Beam is a charge weapon, so it won’t increase its attack speed the same way other weapons do that. So what if, boosters increase its charging speed instead.
Double click (or tap) will toggle the booster on or off when using Absolver Beam. Overdrive make each charge generate more heat, accumulator charges deplete while charging the beam.


Seems fair.

This just doesn’t look good.

There are 2 separate cases of how Absolver Beam would behave if it supported booster:

  • Case A: Double click (tap) fires an uncharged beam before switching to/from booster mode.
  • Case B: Double click (tap) does nothing but switches to/from booster mode.

Case A would be the normal behavior if Absolver Beam simply supported booster, but it just wouldn’t make sense to switch charging speed along with a nudge of heat sink capability already used.
Case B however, would circumvent the problem Case A has, while creating another problem: how would the first uncharged shot work if it was overridden by a potential switch to/from booster mode? (Especially in multiplayer where latency is another problem, not to mention the automatic switch-back when Accumulator was fully depleted)

TL;DR: Adding a booster to Absolver Beam is way more problematic than it seems. Just stick to the original way to use maximize its DPS properly: use good timing.

I think case A would work perfectly fine with Absolver Beam, If you use Accumulator, you always see the little nudge of heat after you activate the booster, no matter the weapons.
The heat level will still decrease even while the booster is activated, Overdrive will just make each charge generate more heat, and Accumulator used up its charges when charging Absolver Beam.

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