An idea for Weapon Data Spreadsheet

I had an idea for Weapon Data Spreadsheet. The idea is, that you can change other variables in the Weapon Data Spreadsheet apart from Weapon Data. It wouldn’t be a Weapon Data Spreadsheet anymore, its name should be changed. For example, cheats, debug mode and debug console could be changed there. I had this idea because from before CIU was released I had an idea I didn’t make a topic about but I mentioned, of a “playground” wave in which you can use cheats but you can’t get keys, points or medals. Since Weapon Data Spreadsheet exist, this could fit.


It was made to test weapon rebalancing, not for playing around with it.


I know, but it could be made. Maybe with another different file.

The problem is that no matter how many people agree that having a offline mode where you can do whatever you want (including cheating and changing stuff) is great, IA thinks otherwise:


It is unfortunate that spreadsheet for test only but i don’t know why spreadsheet for test

The Debug Console and the Debug Mode is for test (debugging).

Be happy, it’s the reason why the weapons aren’t broken currently.

I don’t know why air is to breathe.


what do you mean @SpryterTerraxian

@SpryterTerraxian forget the matter because i don’t understand anything

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okay okay i will stop

He means you should stop pinging people for no reason.

Just mute the notifications instead of getting annoyed by pings.

what? what this word mean

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Ping is the same meaning of mention.

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And mentioning someone means @-ing their username, because if you do it they will get a notification

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