An idea for the mysterious ship

Hello, its been a long time since I posted something here :slight_smile:

I have a pretty good idea for the mysterious ship, imo this boos is really annoying and unfair.
Why before he shoots his lasers we don’t have a preview to where he’s gonna shoot? That’s really unfair and annoying and ruins the fun of the game.
Pls consider adding something to make it easier in the next update


It already does that at the beginning.

That’s the problem, only at the beginning. Why not do it all the time?

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I think he meant everytime.
if so, it was already suggested:

But that’s gonna make it too easy.

You’ll get used to it soon. You can’t nerf it because it’s hard for you, just play easier missions.


Memorize the pattern of the lasers and stay in between them, if the boss has 6 lasers try to memorize the pattern after the first time it shoots.


Would make sense if it changed the style with difficulty, what OP is talking about would be good for the tourist difficulty so that beginners get a chance to enjoy the game.
Instead of die hards and their “get gud” style comments why not offer constructive ideas you cluckin clucks.

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The problem with the boss can be traced back to its first appearance: Revenge of the Yolk. It was kind of a surprise boss, with the game marking a danger zone to tell the player not to be directly under it. Then when it fires its lasers, the pattern of four lasers was easy enough for the player to follow. The problem arises on adding extra lasers: the pattern isn’t as easily dodged, it needs a few tries to get right. Telegraphing every attack with the lines would slow down the fight way too much.

Perhaps the telegraphs could occur every second shot, or be telegraphed entirely for lower difficulties.

It’s a complex problem, tbh, and it needs a great deal more thought by people who are more experienced in boss design than me.

Also, please try to be agreeable even when disagreeing.

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As I said to myself “everything is hard until you master it”

Other people said “git gud”

I actually don’t have trouble fighting the MS. I actually suggested to “nerf” it but you know, embarrassment. So I suggest fight the MS over and over until you know how to beat it. The tutorial also said to study the bosses pattern so yeah. That’s all I could say.

Oh yeah 1 MS is ok but 2 MS is hell because I don’t even know how to lock on two of them

And yes, games are for fun so play what you like, easy or hard is up to you (unless you put ur life into it)

You are right, it was hard in the beginning then it became easier by time to time.


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