An idea for squadron reward top list

Hi there…again.
I play CIU and assign all missions which I think are good to my squadron.
Yes…I’m happy with the squadron assignment reward but what about the top list reward?

So my idea is for every rank you achieve with your squadron all your members including the leader earn 5 keys dependent on the rank on top-list (for example:1st rank:50 keys for every member,2nd:45 keys,3rd:40keys,etc.).
This would be as a gift for members who play those squadron assignments.

What do you think guys?


Well yes that would be nice, but isn’t it unfair that if you have more than one squadron (lets say 2 squadron) and they both are on top squadron?

So that mean you can earn more reward?

Yes because you wasted keys to buy liscence

Well I mean @InterAction_studios should restrict a second license for creating a squadron if this were to be added.

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