Amount of item to buy

I don’t like to buy the given amount of items to buy in the shop so I think iA should add the feature that will allow us to select the amount from of the items to buy in the shop like auto-use item, spacecraft, perishables, satellites, special weapon,… I guess the max amount to select in the galactic store is 100. In herowave, aftermarket, heroes academy will show us the "Today remaining stock: " of each item to select the amount to buy. That’s all of my idea, hope iA will read this.


galactic shop item is unlimited but have original prices, but you can go to multiple herowares or shady dealers, academy,aftermarket so don’t worry that stuff will be out of stock

@InterAction_studios can u add this future pls?(im accually hate the default ammount so i need to select the ammount i want)

HUDs affect in-game gameplay

You sure you don’t mean “always-on” item? HUD items are equipped for missions.

i dont have the word for it xd(im vietnamese tho and a bit bad of english)

yea its not the HUD but its like… something that is the feature of the game(like when u buy u can select the amount u want to buy). Also my english is bad a bit lmao

Im also Vietnam but my english is really a mess.

You meant like a pernament insight?

like… a future of the game xD(not the insight, just the feature of the game, you dont need to buy the default amount, u can select the amount u want to buy)

Well, do you need it for a only occasion? If you cant make sure this will be your last usage of it, then you can buy normally, because you could also store them for overtime consume; else, I dont think buying only 1 or a certain number would be useful

You could still buy the normal stock along with several individual to make a round number

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