Always On Items

Hello Guys, i startet the game 10 days ago. I buyed all Always On items from Shop but pls help me i can atacj them or use them and when i play they never there.
Is there somethink im missubderstanding or the Items are broken?

Thanks in advance for Help
Regards Elfkiller

They’re always active as their name says. You don’t have to do anything to enable them.

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If they always on, what are this shields do? Are there specifical levels where i can see the effect of the shields

They allow you to fly to planets/objects that need them. For example there are electric planets and to play missions on them you must have electric shields. Right now the only thing that it changes is the visual effect of lightning.
It would be cool if they had some effect. Yes, the shields are supposed to prevent it, but what if we changed that to “minimalize” so they just allow you to play missions and the lightnings can do something to you.


Your grammar is wrong

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It could be not his native language :wink: .


He could buy an English dictionary or using a translator



You’re supposed to use a full stop at the end of a declaratory sentence.

Wrong tense (you should’ve used simple instead of continuous).


I mean while he’s typing a post or reply

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I don’t think it changed the point of the post though?

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Thaks for explaining. Realy aprishiate it.

When your grammar is not good either.

I dont care about my GRAMMER, ppl can understand me so my English is good enough. If you dont like it lern German!!! Or lern some other language.

So, to summarize: shields are always-on, you purchase them once and your access to many planets that require the specific shield is granted. Some planets even require two shields (inferno and electric, e.g, but massive suns can also require two shields)

I can understand you, but it doesn’t make sense for a person to correct you when that person is just as bad in the English language, and believe me, my German is even worse.

…you should use a translator as well.

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